Hey Football Fans!

About Ivan

My name is Ivan and I am a Brisbane Broncos fan! I’ve been watching the rugby league since I was about 7 years old.

Whether it’s at the game, at the pub, or from the comfort of my lounge-room, I love cheering my team to victory. I love the atmosphere; the cheers, the banter and the emotion of the game. I love the unbelievable comebacks, the last-second sideline conversion and even the tough losses, which make the next win that little bit sweeter. I love the road to the finals and, for those lucky enough to enjoy it, that feeling you get in your stomach when you watch your team captain lift the trophy over his head.

My aim is to help you keep your match-day kit up-to-date with the latest gear for all the teams in the rugby league, no matter what side of the border you hail from.

So, Let’s Make History together and get your official team gear.